Designed with LITL participants of all ages, here’s our simple pledge (in no particular order) we all ask everyone coming along to our weekly sessions to agree to:

  • Please don’t use your mobile phones and keep them on silent during choir and instrumental lessons (unless you’re using them to help with the lesson!)
  • Respect other learners and please don’t interrupt them during their lessons or solos
  • Send an email or Facebook message by Tuesday lunchtime if you can’t make one-to-one instrumental lessons so someone else can benefit from the valuable lesson time
  • Make a big effort to come along to the three LITL concerts throughout the year to perform and/or support everyone else, and try not to drop out just before
  • Please don’t leave concerts straight after you have played – everyone else has put in lots of work too and need your support!
  • Come along to support amazing professional music on your doorstep and build a great community spirit with the regular guest artist gigs and performances every couple of months
  • Choir members … strength in numbers – please come regularly, and do your best to make all performances … it’s great when you’re here!
  • Let other people in the local community know about LITL, and bring them along to concerts and guest gigs/performances
  • Be supportive of teachers and other learners
  • Practise!  Even for a short time each week
  • Turn up on time!
  • Be welcoming and free of any prejudice or discrimination based on ability, age, race, gender, disability, sexuality, religion, marriage or pregnancy




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